General Information

If you are interested in specimens that were collected for a specific study, select the study number. You can select more than one study.

Are you interested in using specimens for human genomic testing?

Genomic testing requires special participant consent. If you select yes, only specimens where this consent has been provided will appear in the results.


Material type

Select the types of specimens that you are interested in requesting. If you did not specify a study, then you must select at least one type of specimen. Studies that collected any of the types you select will appear in your search results (for example selecting Serum and Plasma will find studies that collected either of these).


What type of plasma specimens are you looking for?

What type of pbmc non-viable specimens are you looking for?

What type of pbmc viable specimens are you looking for?

Not blood-based

What type of cervicovaginal specimens are you looking for?

What type of endocervical specimens are you looking for?

Material collection year

This is the year in which the specimen was actually collected.  If you do not specify a value, we'll assume you have no preference.

Visit type

If you don't select any checkboxes, we'll assume you have no preference.

Note that some visit type options are network-specific.
Hover over the question mark that is located next to these type of visits for more information.

Access to specimens collected outside the United States will require country-specific regulatory approvals and limitations of use.

Other Options

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